When can I check in to Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Check in is after 4pm and before 11pm

When do I have to check out of Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Check out is 11am

Can I have visitors at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

You may have visitors, but no overnight guests other than those who booked the tent.

Are children allowed at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Our unique property is designed for an adult glamping experience; therefore, guests must be 18 years of age or older.

Is there onsite parking at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Yes, there is onsite parking. To keep the natural look of Lulu’s Tent and Events, parking is provided in our entrance area. A wagon is available to transport luggage to your tent site.

Can I smoke in my tent or on property at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

We have a no smoking policy in the tents or on property.

Are there bathrooms at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Currently there are shared porta toilets.

Are there showers at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Currently there are no shower facilities on property. The local laundromats do have coin operated showers.

Can I bring my pet to Lulu’s Tents and Events?

Although we love animals to keep tents clean and odor free, we have a no pet policy.

Can I stay for one night at Lulu’s Tents and Events?

There is a two-night minimum stay.

Other notable information about Lulu’s Tents and Events

Our property has natural landscaping, meaning there may be uneven surfaces. Please tread carefully and be cautious as you walk around the property and near the banking of the Knik River.

Please keep your tent free of food and keep any food items in your vehicle.

The common area is a shared space and is wonderful for gathering and sharing stories of your adventures. Please tidy up after your use for others to enjoy.

Lulu’s Tents and Events is not responsible for items left in the glamping tents or vehicles. We strongly encourage you to keep valuables on your person when you are able or locked in your vehicle.

The gate may be closed after 11pm. Please do not put any locking item on the gate. This is for emergency purposes.

We have provided awnings and outdoor rugs for each tent and ask that you remove shoes to protect the tents from outdoor elements.

Firewood can be purchased by the bundle.

Ask us about renting Lulu’s Tents and Events entire property for your micro event, i.e., wedding, retreat, weekend getaway or gathering.

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We accept cash, credit or debit